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Talking is not enough.
Doing is what matters.

What was worked out in the 21h workshop must be implemented. Talking is not enough, no matter how good the invention or innovation your next challenge is to be ready for market and series production. Our 21 day process will get you there. We offer to take this step for you.

During this phase we bring our strengths and experience into play to make your solution a reality. We are focused on finding the best and most practical way to implement your idea. We work 21 days non-stop with one guarantee: a fully functional prototype at the end of this process.

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How we make it happen

21 Workdays

Two experts from 21-21 work for 21 working days together with at least one person from the purchaser to create the prototype and test it in real time environment.

Depending on the prototype we select the experts to work on. After one month we deliver the prototype including the test results.


In order to guarantee the success of an MVP we will invest ourselves 21 complete days into the project. In addition, the client will provide an expert from their company helping on a 40-80% workload. Ideally this person has expertise, knows the internal processes and is open for new ways of working. The progress made is presented to the client at regular milestone meetings.



As serial entrepreneurs, we rely first and foremost on our experience, our pioneering power and the expertise of the internal team member provided. As the focus of the product is not on the idea but on the customer, it will be constantly tested on the market during these 21 days. In addition to tools developed in-house, we use Lean-Canvas, Design-Thinking-Processes and conventional tools as support.

Place of work

Depending on the desired prototype, a suitable location is sought. This can be located in one of our eco-systems or in another suitable site.

Our Guarantee

Working prototype based on the solve workshop outcome. What we deliver is a product to test in real time, we take the practical approach and make it happen.

a view examples:

Transform one room / area from a building into the new look and feel

Start a community for something

Launch a online shop / distribution for a product

Run a beta version with potential clients

Organize a Event to create attention

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Simple Booking

1 - Contact the team now to discuss your needs.
Short questionnaire and free appointment

2 - We book in the 21 hour solve workshop
We work around you, your team and requirements

3 - The 21 day process to implement and launch
We help you prototype, iterate and launch what was worked out in the workshop

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