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Joe Imholz

A natural leader and initiator with high starter energy I am focused on inspiration and common goals. I love finding imaginative approaches and solutions, which I implement with determination and sharpness of mind. My belief in that good combines meaningful with profitable. Achievement makes me happy.
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Peter Schiffhauer

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and organizations develop their potential. I am inspired by the joint development and implementation of ideal worlds. I am a successful entrepreneur, and also a companion and coach for your organization. I put words into action and know from experience how to find and make the right next steps.

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Julia Henke

Socioeconomist (PhD)

A visionary and an analyst, she combines data-based approaches with agile working methods. She stands for integrated thinking and holistic action: Her multidisciplinary, intercultural perspective inspires teams that want to achieve their goals with spirit, heart and mind.

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Urs Vögeli

Political scientist, geographer 

Expertise and practical experience in political processes, legislation and civil society. He brings strategic and innovative solutions for companies and organizations to the table and acts as a translator between business, science and politics.

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Eva Sofia Hersberger

Lawyer and judge at the criminal court, entrepreneur

Visionary strategist with vision. Finds different ways to solve your problem and quickly develops your individual pragmatic solution in partnership with you.

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Sandro Schmid

Architect (BA FHZ), Community Builder, Co-Founder: Hirschengraben Coworking and Global Shapers Lucerne Hub

With his open-minded way of thinking and his versatile experience he brings the most impossible ideas to realisation. He recognizes needs and loves solving problems.

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Manual Brun

CEO Belbo, President Hirschengraben, founding member Global Shaper Hub Lucerne (by WEF). BSc in Business Administration. Knows best practices of the European start-up scene, is highly connected and speaks from experience in dealing with digital transformation.
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Kevin D. Klak

Digital Council, Innovation Management

As an independent advisory board, it supports the management and the board of directors in matters of digitisation. As an ad interim project manager he implements innovative and strategic projects.

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Marco Jakob

IT entrepreneur, business information scientist Specialist in communities, technical understanding and educational design. Stands for unconventional solutions and knows how to build ecosystems.
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Roos van Kleef

Specialising in strategic philanthropy, foundations, innovative social programs, capacity building, and the social sector. Strong skills in communication, networking, strategy and process improvement. Ability to act effectively as a "bridge person" between donors, researchers and investors. An MSc in Modern History.
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Michael Tuil

Founder, Consultant, M.A. HSG Economics & M.Sc. ESADE Economics Finds entrepreneurial solutions for social and ecological issues. Shares his wealth of experience in the emerging markets and the food industry with enjoyment, energy and imagination.
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Matthias Leutwyler

Illustrator, artist, entrepreneur, neighbourhood transformer.

Captures unconventional thought processes in clear and understandable words. As an artist, he has his finger on the pulse of the times and is often even one step ahead of them.

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Patrick Geiser

Finance Manager, Stanford University

As a strategic futurist, he transforms complex interrelationships into clear innovation

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Lukas Biry

Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Sales, lateral thinker. Cultural Management (MSc).
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Ben Hodson

Creative, founder, CEO, social entrepreneur.  Specialising in sales, marketing, and advertising in traditional and rapid growth environments. Serial entrepreneur with a number of bootstrapped companies in the UK and France. (MA) Art & Design, PGCAP.

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