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Get absolute clarity and forward momentum

21 21 is a new innovation workshop and process looking to optimise on opportunities, elevate potential and overcome problems. The start up and the corporate worlds collide.

The workshops are delivered either virtually or in Switzerland in either English or German.
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We end analysis paralysis.
Experience together, find solutions.

In the 21h workshop we help you lay the foundation for success. Using innovative tools in combination with demanding team challenges and a highly qualified bench of experts who act as sparring partners. We spend the 21 hours together in an awe inspiring environment, unlocking solutions and finding answers. Our bespoke team will be selected based on the size of your group and the challenge you face.

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Talking is not enough. Doing is what matters.

What was worked out in the 21h workshop must be implemented. Talking is not enough, no matter how good the invention or innovation your next challenge is to be ready for market and series production. Our 21 day process will get you there. We offer to take this step for you. During this phase we bring our strengths and experience into play to make your solution a reality. We are focused on finding the best and most practical way to implement your idea. We work 21 days non-stop with one guarantee: a fully functional prototype at the end of this process.



Half of the workshop participants are the team that you bring and the other half is from our 21 expert pool. You choose your desired candidates and we put together the team.


We will push you

to get absolute clarity and forward momentum

Why 2121

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We have a never ending source of creativity and inspiration.

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Founders of multiple successful enterprises, we have the hard won experience.

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We have a formidable arsenal of tried, tested and proven tools.

Case Studies


Challenge: Find a new business model for an old hotel without major investment

21h workshop outcome: Vibrant and profitable hybrid concept where travelers and locals meet.

21d launch process: Prototype and implement popup livehub community in the building and develop a programme for the coworking community formed there.

Building on this success, an operating company was created which took on the building leases and transformed the business into Hyve Basel.

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Challenge: A real estate developer wanted to define the purpose of a unit with 680 apartments and a 10,000sqm retail site.

21h workshop outcome: A pitch with a clear vision of what should happen, what kind of people should live there. It defined clear uses for the retail spaces and which companies should be placed at the location.

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Challenge: A world wide NGO wants to find a tool to help a generation of people facing challenges such as the digitalisation and automation of work, and the global climate crisis.

21h workshop Outcome: Global influencers - a worldwide multiplying innovation and business training camp. People from 4 continents learn how to train others in how to understand and innovate through the challenges they face in their diverse contexts.

Our Mission

21-21 offers companies and entrepreneurs an ideal environment in which innovation and invention can flourish. With the right tools, a problem becomes an opportunity and an idea becomes a product. We use these tools, together with an inspiring experience, and a highly qualified and deeply experienced team in our 21 h workshop.

Together we spend 21 hours in an inspiring environment to find solutions to your challenges and answers to your questions. The team of experts is bespoke, put together by us based on the size of the group and the problem at hand.

In the next phase, Launch, we take 21 days to develop and implement your prototype in consultation with you. This prototype is documented and pitched as requested.

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Joe Imholz

A natural leader and initiator with high starter energy I am focused on inspiration and common goals. I love finding imaginative approaches and solutions, which I implement with determination and sharpness of mind. My belief in that good combines meaningful with profitable. Achievement makes me happy.
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Peter Schiffhauer

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and organizations develop their potential. I am inspired by the joint development and implementation of ideal worlds. I am a successful entrepreneur, and also a companion and coach for your organization. I put words into action and know from experience how to find and make the right next steps.

About us

Together we have successfully built the first Swiss Capsule Hotel and are pioneers in varied fields. Our heartbeat is to help other entrepreneurs and to push their innovations. We have the right tools and the necessary experience to do this.

We work with companies and organizations who we think add value to our society and change the world to a better place.

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The start up and corporate worlds collide

21-21 consciously lets the two worlds collide, its there that great things emerge!

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Simple Booking

1 - Contact the team now to discuss your needs.
Short questionnaire and free appointment

2 - We book in the 21 hour solve workshop
We work around you, your team and requirements

3 - The 21 day process to implement and launch
We help you prototype, iterate and launch what was worked out in the workshop

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